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Questions and answers


Welcome to the support team "SourceCoDe". We have compiled a list of questions that are most often of interest to our customers, and posted the answers to them in this section. You may find the information you need here. If you didn't find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Современные цифровые часы

How quickly can I receive an order?

Depending on the service you choose and the level of complexity, our team takes pride in its efficiency and, on average, completes orders in the following terms:

Light tasks: 1-3 days

Medium tasks: 7-14 days

Complex tasks: 20-30 days

Global projects: 30-90 days

Game development: depends on the level of detail and quality: Indie, AA, AAA, AAA+, etc. From: 7 days to 24 months


Transaction stages and payment procedure

1) You choose a service and provide Terms of Reference

2) We estimate the timing and cost of the project

3) Appointment appointment: Physical or online conference

4) Signing a contract for the provision of services

5) 100% advance payment with a money back guarantee in case the task is not completed. (in some cases, payment is divided into stages of work performed)

6) Completion of the assigned task with the agreed schedule of reports

7) Delivery of the order and signing of the certificate of completion.

Отслеживание колебаний цен

Do you have projects in which I can invest?

Our team is actively developing in the direction of GameFi, we develop game projects and combine them with cryptocurrency, we have our own, self-sufficient financial model, which is protected from a drawdown in the capitalization of crypto-game projects, at the moment our team is interested in investing in this direction. And also, if you have a project related to software development or information technology, we are ready to discuss cooperation.

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